How to become a PAMM investor

How to Become a PAMM Investor

If a person wants to become a PAMM investor, the first step is to create an account. To become a PAMM investor, a person must complete the following steps

  • The person must register himself and wait for the approval to proceed for the next step.
  • Then he needs to click on the PAMM investor symbol.
  • Few mandatory questions are required to be answered, which includes general information, investment objectives, financial background and experience.
  • After the approval the person gets the confirmation mail and he is able to fund his account by clicking on “make a deposit” icon.
  • After the deposit is made, the experts will allocate the funds which are more appropriate for that person.
  • Whenever a risk profile changes because of the financial background or trading experience, a person needs to give the suitability test again.
  • TO view detailed portfolio, click on Monitoring.
  • By clicking on structure, allocation of funds in each portfolio can be seen.
  • By clicking on Reports, one can view monthly reports.
  • For withdrawing funds, click withdraw.