Invest in PAMM

Invest In PAMM

The first step to become a PAMM Investor is to open an account. This type of investment is suitable for those type of people who wants to trade in Forex market but are not able to do it because of the lack of knowledge, experience and time.

By investing in PAMM, a client can always get an advice from the experts, who can help them in selecting the proper portfolio in which the client can invest. The experts do this by analyzing the client’s financial goals, his needs and the right portfolio of his funds along with his risk profile.

Once the client becomes the part of PAMM investment he can view the following:

  • Risk level of clients.
  • Daily basis gain or loss.
  • Overall loss or gain.
  • Total equity of client’s investments.
  • Deposits that are made.
There are three best types of Investment portfolio available (by month):
  • Growth PAMM portfolio FTG with minimum investment and aggression of 100.00 EUR.
  • Ultra Fund portfolio II with minimum investment and aggression of 100.00 USD
  • Ultra Fund portfolio I with minimum investment and aggression of 50.00 USD.

There are following benefits that a PAMM investor can get:

The traders
1. The traders are able to set their own goals and PAMM will help the traders in achieving them by guiding them in each and every step.
2. Investors can take the help of PMD evaluated trading techniques.
There are wide variety of portfolios are available, from which the client can select the profile according to his requirements and needs.
The results
4. The results and the portfolio progress are available on demand.