Partner with us

Partner with us

Clients who are tied up with us on partnership level gains a great deal of benefits, which helps them to get the recognition on further level. Here, different types of programs are covered which includes Affiliates, Tied agents and introducers. Every program gives client a chance to be the part of world’s most famous finical market.

Introducer Program

As the name only suggest, the job of introducer is to introduce new clients. Every time when an introduced client makes a trade, the introducer gets commission as a reward. This program is very useful for those who wish to have good web of partners. It’s totally free of cost and is open for all registered clients.

Affiliate Program

If a person is an influencer or a blogger he can easily become Affiliate Programmer. The only requirement is to have huge social media followers or high traffic blog. The job of Affiliate programmer is to promote the set of marketing tools and when his referred clients begin to trade he will get commission for that. With the help of Affiliate panel he can keep the track of his client’s activity.

Forex Affiliate

The Forex Affiliate can select some interesting banners, promotional email and text links to use online. His job is to put them on his blog post, website or wherever he can be online. Whenever a client sings up and funds the account, an affiliate gets paid.

Corporate Partners

It is amongst the fast growing, efficient and advanced affiliate program. It helps in maximizing the income of affiliates by delivering some excellent affiliate programs and payout plans.

Choose the partnership program and be our partners now.