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Trading Central:

It is amongst the most renowned and popular provider of technical strategies. It’s a collaboration of three (IRP) i.e. independent research providers (Asia IRP, Investorside research and Euro IRP).

Technical Analysis:

Technical Analysis is a procedure to predict the inclination of price with the help of primarily price, volume and past market readings.

Investment Strategies:

It is guideline of rules, which helps an investor in selecting an investment portfolio. These investment strategies are employed by investors who wants to create a balance between the maximum profit they gain from their portfolio and the risk they want to bear.

Analysis Methods:

Analysis in finance is usually referred to a stability of a business or sub business and assessment of viability. Analysis method usually compare financial ratio of profitability and growth.

Index Funds:

It is a type of index fund which has a constructed portfolio, which helps in tracking or matching the components of market index. For example: (S&P 500) Standard & poor’s 500 index.


It’s basically a good which is interchangeable with the other commodity of similar type. The quality of commodity is usually same across all the producers. The prices are dependent on supply and demand.


It can be understood as a possession in any assets after all the debts are cleared. For example: stocks can be considered as equity.