Financial instruments

Financial instruments

Financial instruments for efficient trading

If you have decided to make the successful career in trading then there are several trading avenues waiting for you. We would help you trade all types of financial instruments with consistent trading support. Different instruments for trading are;


We offer you forex trading support on all major currency pairs and have trading facility open for 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. You will get the leverage and tools to trade on various forex spreads.

Share CFDs

You can enjoy trading successfully on share CFDs by getting the updates on live markets by observing about 50 stocks on same page of the trading platform

CFDs for Commodity Futures

Commodity futures can be traded with an extra advantage by trading on the futures contracts that range from oil products to indices. The oil products like West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and the indices like DAX, CAC and S&P worldwide are available for trading.

CFDs for ETFs and Indices

We offer the trading service for CFDs on ETFs with authorized trading participant and easy access to your funds invested in stock exchange.

Spot Metal

If you wish to diversify your portfolio and add more earning avenues to your trading portfolio then trading in metals like gold and silver would be the great choice. We offer the trading support on metals like gold and silver to allow our clients to trade in these metals and earn substantial profits.

All of the above financial instruments are very well supported by our trading platform that is equipped with automated trading tools and analysis charts. All these instruments are supported by the live market updates to ensure that no wrong move is made by our clients that will make them lose on their hard earned investments in trading markets.