Safety of Funds

Audacity Markets Safety of Funds

We understand the need of safety of funds and ensure that our customers are at ease when they trade with us. We don’t want our clients to spend their valuable time thinking about the fund security and hence incorporate the best fund investment practice for extra safety. The customer funds are deposited with various reputed banks to reduce the risk. To make it even better, we offer the utmost transparency to our clients by keeping our financials open for scrutiny. .

AudaCity Markets has strict self regulation , We re serious to adhere to risk managements and making sure we provide our clients with fair , good , high quality trading service.

The money belonging to firm and the money of the retail client is segregated as per our self-regulation and then the client money is deposited with the banks that have a good credit rating as advised by the regulatory bodies for safety of funds. Forex security funds are not used for the company’s financial needs event of insolvency of firm.

Though there are no chances of this getting true, but still in the event of insolvency, the client funds are not at all used for the welfare of the firm and are kept deposited with the banks. The claims raised by the clients would be settled by the financial organizations.

You can trade freely with AudaCity Marlets and be sure that your funds are in safe hands and would not be lost in any event.