Risk Disclosure

Risk acknowledgement and disclosure

Risk Disclosure

Risk is the integral part of any type of trading and also the forex trading. Our risk disclosure policy is intended to acknowledge the associated risks and disclose the same to our clients.

1. Risk Warning

Risk warnings are published here to help the potential clients know their areas of risks before entering the forex trading market. These warnings are

2. Acknowledgement of Risk

Technical and Communication Failure

Any loss incurred due to the technical failure, lack of information or communication loss would be customer’s responsibility. The internet connection failure or inability to reach the company by telephone due to congestion would be solely client’s responsibility and company won’t hold any responsibility of the incurred loss.

Unfavorable Market Conditions

The transaction and execution time would be extended at the time of unfavorable or abnormal market condition.

Back to Back Instructions

When customer places back to back instructions, the authenticity of the instruction would be decided according to the placement time. First instruction will be completed first and then only later instructions would be attended in chronological order.

Other risks include the risk of leverage, market fluctuation, liquidity and risk related to third party. The customer should acknowledge all these risks before entering the trading contract.