Policy Statement

Policy Statement- We protect your personal data

Policy for information usage

All those who are using the resources or information provided on Audacity Markets website may adhere to following considerations;

Privacy Policy

1) This website along with the content is binding to the intellectual property laws.

2) No one can use or alter the content posted on the website. If you still wish to do so then contact us to seek permission.

3) The information on this website can be copied and published elsewhere only if the original source of the content is mentioned there along with the link.

1. Committed to our clients

The information provided by our clients will be kept safe with us as we are committed to the privacy of our clients.

2. Collection of Data

Whenever a new client is registered with us, we may need certain personal and financial information to help us serve better. Provide only the correct information backed by the documents of proof.

3. We use your personal data for your benefit

The personal data provided by you would be used to complete your trading transactions and keep you updated about the market movement.

Other than above, we also take your consent at every stage and address your queries with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.