Regulatory and Compliance

Trading of any form comes with lot of risks and the authorities have laid certain regulatory and compliance over the traders as well as brokerage to keep the process clean and safe. We adhere too such compliance's and have formed our policies in accordance to the regulatory bodies. You can find here our policy statement, cookie policy and risk disclosure for forex. We make sure that the client agreement is also kept quite transparent to allow our traders to indulge into forex trading without any brokerage issues.


Policy statement will give you complete knowledge about how to use this website and also about the privacy policy.Our clients can form their strategy on the lines of this policy statement.

Risk Acknowledgement and Disclosure

Risk is the integral part of trading and whenever you invest in trading, you must stay aware about the possible risks. We have mentioned the detailed risk disclosure for those who are new to this segment.

Client Account Opening Agreements

Client agreement is required at the time of opening a new account. You can either download or view this agreement before entering into any valid contract.


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